Simply the best PRC fundraising guy available

Get ready to receive a lot of personal "thank you" cards for choosing Mike. Your board is going to love you for it. Your people are going to love you for it. Mike knows how to make you, your board, and your team the superstars of your PRC. With 18 years of highly successful experience, Mike knows how to make the event about you! Ask yourself why over 80% of his clients use him more than once, and often five times. You don't rebook failure! 

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Mike G. Williams... the voice of fundraising experience.


Generating More

Every well planned fundraising event desires to generate more residual income! Reoccurring gifts make up the foundation of ongoing ministry. Every fundraising event desires to generate larger single gifts! Large single gifts build the buildings and buy the mobile units. Exceptional fundraisers know how to receive both gift types from the same individual. They know how to do it with class and respect.

Mike G. Williams is a generosity catalyst! When you need to raise money, this guy genuinely knows how to increase your monthly partners in addition to generating more substantial individual gifts. Some organizations have used Mike five times. Think about it... You only bring a speaker back multiple times if their presentation was extremely profitable for you.

Since his first appearance at Focus On The Family, Mike has been the most re-booked PRC fundraising speaker in America. His 700+ fundraisers and his multi-Million dollar records still stand. 

More Than A Voice

His 21 Steps To Fundraising Banquet Success is a must-read guide for anyone preparing to have a fundraising banquet. PRCs may also want to read at least three of his sixteen books, including How To Fearlessly & Successfully Ask For MoneyThank You For Saving My Life, and How To Become A Profitable Non-Profit.

Often centers have him lead his Simple Board Success training while he is with them. This training teaches boards how to raise a large percentage of the needed funds for the ministry throughout the year. Some centers have been able to curtail their banquets do to their boards education and involvement in the development operations.

Mike is currently working on an exciting novel that tells the story of the work of the PRC entitled Fear Love. It is due to release in the spring of 2021. This novel is based on real life stories from the PRCs that Mike has worked with. Intrigue, mystery, betrayal, and redemption are all part of this page turning story, now four years in the creating.


Mike is a GMA Dove Award winner who knows how to help you increase your revenue significantly. His client list has ranged from organizations like Focus on the Family to hundreds of pregnancy centers across America. He has presented on the mainstage at Heartbeat and Care Net multiple times as well as leading in more than fourteen donor development workshops for them.

Unfortunately some PRCs believe that the abortion message is not a good fit for humor. That is exactly why Mike, and other speakers like Dr.  James Dobson, Kirk Walden, Marc Newman, and Eric Metaxes are so funny when they speak. Your event is not about abortion... your fundraising event is about lives being saved. People want to join and support a winning team, and they want to enjoy doing it. Laughter opens the heart for a powerful message. It also allows people to trust bringing friends to your event. No matter what your cause... your message needs to be the celebration of your victory!

Mike has logged 4 million air miles doing what he does best... raising you a lot of money.


The humorous way Mike tells his very moving personal rescue-adoption story, and the story of how he and his wife rescue-adopted their own son from a similar situation will inspire your audience. The compelling way he weaves your organization's story all through the presentation will open checkbooks. Laughing people give more than crying people! It is just a fact.

Mike comes from a tragic inner city home where neither of his brothers lived to see 18. His sisters became the victims of that lifestyle as well. Mike never met his birth father until he was 27 years old. Tradgedy becomes triumphant as Mike was rescued by a mail carrier. This is an amazingly fun and funny story of redemption and rescue. When Mike tells the details of he and his wife adopting their first child, you will be moved and inspired. This is the kind of story that touches hearts and opens wallets for your ministry.

More Men More Money

Men enjoy his style and often know his voice from SiriusXM radio. Male involvement increases the donation structure by 300%. You can't afford to miss the male connection. When Mike leads your group in singing happy birthday to the children they have rescued, men will have their eyes will fill with tears of joy! When Mike gives that appeal, you will know why he is among the best in the business.

Mike will personally visit every table at your event to thank each person for their attendance. You might find it hard to get a board member that committed to your success.

It Is All About You

Although Mike has quite a resumé, he knows how to make you the star of your event. He does that with dignity and respect. You will be the one who receives the accolades for the event success.

Mike goes the extra mile in providing you with professional studio made video clips for your email newsletters to specifically promote your banquet. He will also offer video training material for your table hosts, training them to bring the right people to the table. With Mike, you always get a little more than just a speaker.

You will have 24-7 access to his personal cell number for any questions along the journey. Although you might be best to call during daylight hours...

Reported 2019 Event Income Stats & Amount raised per person in attendance.

$240,000 / $480 per person -Worcester, MA

$242,000 / $451 per person -Jefferson City, MO

$283,000 / $525 per person -Greeley, CO

$74,000 / $378 per person -Taylorsville, IL

$215,000 / $332 per person -Statesville, AL

$118,00) / $455 per person -Spartanburg, SC

$215,000 / $316 per person - Crestview, KY

$233,000 / $315 per person - Des Moines, IA

Mike is scheduled exclusively through Gloria Leyda at 615.370.4700 xt 235

Best Selling author of UNPLANNED, Abby Johnson talks about why she has used Mike's banquet expertise to raise money for her own ministry in Austin, TX. 

Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers 615-370-4700 xt 235.

Mike is the founder of Laugh For Life events.

Watch one of Mike's 40 minute presentations (36 min)

This is presentation #1 of 5 presentations Mike has available for your organization. Mike will personalize every presentation to emphasize the work of your organization. 

Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers 615-370-4700 xt 235.

Mike G. Williams References & Schedule

Good communication is the foundation of a great banquet

It is your banquet and you need to have full access to your speaker. Let's talk at 863-670-1668.



615-370-4700  xt 235

"We raised $100,000 more than in previous years. Thanks Mike!" -Rachel Nguyen

"Mike did a fantastic job.  His flight was delayed due to severe weather on the east coast and he didn’t miss a beat.  He got in “late” but it didn’t deter him from his mission and message.  I did not worry or stress because he had it all under control.  The guest feedback was all positive.  Everyone truly enjoyed Mike." 

-Kim Andrews, CareNet, Thurston County

"Mike has an ability to hone in on what will cause his audience to respond. He reads the crowd before delivering exactly what is necessary to motivate them to give. In his first two years as our speaker, we experienced back-to-back record-breaking banquets. This year, Mike once again helped us to break our latest fundraising record. The money raised was all the more impressive because of how quickly Mike altered his set to meet the potential donors' moods. After our CEO delivered a challenging, sobering, and inspiring address, Mike realized the need to keep the crowd keyed into what they had just heard. He reinforced some of the points and peppered in jokes— enough to live up to his accolades without lightening the mood to distraction. If you book Mike Williams as your speaker, then you are guaranteed a veteran comedian with the skill and talent necessary to highlight your best efforts, smooth over missteps, and deliver an appeal that will have donors eager for an opportunity to give." 

-Delaney Walker, New Hope PCC

"Mike also came and did a Board training for us.  He made us think "outside the box."  We recently had a Board meeting and each board member there thought the time spent with Mike was very profitable. This was our largest attended banquet and the largest amount raised to date. Overwhelmingly, our guests asked for us to have Mike back next year." 

-Cindy Roberts, Life Options Clinic

"Mike was fantastic. We struggled to get guests committed to coming, and to some degree, getting the right guests to the event. We love Mike. He is amazing and effective and such a value-added speaker, making really practical suggestions and giving great encouragement." 

-Martha Sitzler, Hope PRC

"Thanks again for a wonderful night! Laff-4-Life was a great night of laughs, fellowship and support for First Step Pregnancy Clinic! People have commented to me that "they never laughed so hard in their life!"; "they laughed until they cried!"; and "Mike did such an amazing job transitioning from jokes to the serious side of support for the ministry. Well done!" 

-David Wilkinson, First Step PC

"He knocked it out of the park for us! I know he was absolutely exhausted, but he still made time to come by our center and spend good time with the staff; as well as listened and asked questions so that he was very familiar with our ministry before he spoke that night.  last year we raised $103,000 and that was the most ever before this year. Our goal for this year was $126,000 and I was concerned about not getting that much! At Mike’s advise, I tweaked the appeal card to his suggestions, and combined with his appeal, it worked!!!!! We are blown away by God’s provision!" 

-Victoria Miglin, PRC Statesville

"He's such a reliable and professional speaker. A pleasure to work with! We were pleased with our fundraising results, since this was our first year! -Jennifer Shaw, SFC, South GA

We have raised about the same on monthly giving but the upfront one time donation was definitely up.  Our goal was $100,000.00 for the night and we exceeded that."  

-Michelle Plott, PRC Henry County

"It was an honor to have you speak at PCC's 6th Annual Fundraising Banquet. With your help, we were able to raise more than $195,000 in pledges and gifts!" -Cindi Boston CEO PCC Springfield, MO (This was the first year Mike did the banquet. The second year Mike did the banquet the event went over $330,000)

"I appreciate your wisdom in asking us to allow you the responsibility of making that appeal on our behalf. I especially appreciated the quiet time of prayer - you could hear a pin drop. We were able to raise $186,000 for the center.  Again, thank you for partnering with us and helping this ministry to continue to make a difference in the lives of so many in our community." -David Misner Director /Hope Center PRC Fort Wayne, IN

"We want to let you know that we had a wonderful time with Mike. I have NEVER had a complaint about Mike even after hosting him four times. Everyone was absolutely wonderful to work with, thank you for all you have done.  Mike increased our monthly pledges this year 50%." -Dawn Theil, Director, Garden City, KS

"My husband hates to come to these... as he calls them "women's events" no matter who the speaker is. I was able to convince him to come because he knew Mike Williams as the guy he laughs at on SiriusXM radio. He came and was blown away. He even asked me to write an extra good check out to the organization." -Gloria, Franklin, TN

 “I wanted to let you know that Mike Williams was a great success. We tripled our donations from last year! I have heard nothing but wonderful comments from the community on what a tremendous performance he gave.” -Director, Life Choices


“We were especially pleased to receive so much positive feedback from the men, who are usually harder to please than the ladies that attend. One -time giving was up about 75%. New commitments went up 500%...” -PRC,Bakerfield, CA

I can’t thank you enough for speaking at the banquet, and more specifically, supporting the name change and talking about it throughout the evening. We brought in 50 NEW monthly supporters at the banquet. -Andrea Riggs / Tri-Cities Pregnancy Network

We are all set to bring you for the third year in a row .

-Donna Jensen / ED / Grace House PRC, DeLand, FL

“Financially tripled! Nothing but positive comments.” 

-PRC, Evansville, IN


Mike Williams Schedule

  Book Mike now at 615-370-4700xt 235

NOTE Due to Covid19 Spring dates have moved to 2021


Jan 1-11, 2020 PRC Training team in Dom Rep

Jan 12a, 2020 Beverly Hills, FL / Jan 12p, 2020 Bushnell, FL

Jan 14, 2020 Inverness, FL / Jan 17, 2020 Lakeland, FL

Jan 19, 2020 Haines City, FL / Jan 21, 2020 Villages, FL

Jan 25, 2020 Ludington, MI / Jan 30, 2020 Orlando, FL

Feb 2, 2020 Fernadina Beach, FL / Feb 3, 2020 Tampa, FL

Feb 8-9, 2020 Auburn, NH / Feb 16-17, 2020 Fraser, CO 

Feb 18 Big, 2020 Spring, TX / Feb 21, 2020Brandon, FL

Mar 6-7 Oceanside, NJ / Mar 12, 2020 Taylorsville, IL

Mar 17-22, 2020 Mission Team Dom Rep

Mar 26, 2020 Houston, MO / Mar 31 Pace, FL 

Apr 1, 2020 W. Lebanon, NH / Apr 2, 2020 Lancaster, PA

Apr 3, 2020 Toledo, OH / Apr, 15-16 Seattle, WA

Apr 20, 2020 Greencastle, IN

Apr 28, 2020 Odessa, TX / Apr 30, 2020 Knoxville, TN

May 3 Milford, DE / May 5, 2020 Statesville, NC

May 6-7 Brevard, NC

May 30-31, 2020 CCA Dallas, TX

Jun 15-28, 2020 Sosua, Dom Rep

Jul 4-26, 2020 Sosua, Dom Rep

Sep 8, 2020 Sidney, MT /Sep 10-11, Orlando, FL 

Sep, 15, 2020 Salina, KS

Sep 17, 2020 League City, TX / Sep 22, 2020 Effingham, IL

Sep 24, 2020 Winston-Salem, NC

Oct 2, 2020 Madison, IN / Oct 3, 2020 St Charles, IL

Oct 6, 2020 Crestview, KY / Sep 8, 2020 Northfield, MN

Sep 12, 2020 San Antonio, TX

Sep 14, 2020 McDonough, GA / Sep 20, 2020 Durant, OK

Sep 15, 2020 Hagerstown, MD / Sep 19 Stockbridge, GA

Sep 20, 2020 Durant, OK

Sep 30, 2020 Providence, RI / Nov 7, 2020 New Oxford, PA

Nov 9, 2020 Artesia, NM

Nov 12, 2020 Duncan, OK / Nov 13 Steamboat Springs, CO

MIKE'S 2019 LAST YEAR SCHEDULE (for reference)

Jan 2-12, 2019 Dom Rep / Jan 13, 2019 Bartow, FL /

 Jan 18-20, 2019 Dilsburg, PA

Jan 22, 2019 Olympia, WA / Jan 27, 2019 Vero Beach, FL

Feb 3, 2019 Land O Lakes, FL / Feb 5 St. Pete, FL / 

Feb 7, 2019 All Pro Pastors Conf

Feb 10, 2019 Haines City, FL / Feb 11 Inverness, FL / Feb 17 Granby, CO

Feb 21 Keithville, LA / Feb 24 Destin, FL / Feb 25 Springfield, TN

Feb 28 Simpsonville, SC / Mar 2 Ontario, CA

Mar 7, 2019 Greely, CO / Mar 8 MacClenny, FL / Mar 10 Dundee, FL

Mar 11, 2019 El Dorado, KS / Mar 14 Taylorsville, IL

Mar 16-17, 2019 St. George, UT / Mar 20 St. Pete, FL

Mar 21, 2019 Cleveland, TN / Mar 24 Beverly Hills, FL

Mar 27-28 Pace, FL / Mar 29 Orlando, FL

Mar 30-31 Clayton, NC / Apr 4 Jefferson City, TN

Apr 5, 2019 Clarksville, TN / Apr 7 Inverness, FL

Apr 8 Lk Yale, FL SeniorFEST #1

Apr 9, 2019 Myrtle Bch, SC / Apr 10-11 Worchester, MA

Apr 12 Rutland, VT / Apr 14 Plant City, FL

Apr 15, 2019 Lk Yale, FL SeniorFEST #2

Apr 24-25, 2019 Heartbeat Conference

Apr 25, 2019 Hoffman Estates, IL / Apr 27 Titusville, FL  

Apr 28, 2019 Orange City, FL / Apr 30 Odessa, TX

May 1-2 Monticello, AR / May 6 Mt. Dora, FL

May 3, 2019 Round Rock, TX / May 4 Tampa, FL

May 5 Crystal River, FL / May 6 Mt Dora, FL

May 7 Charlotte, NC / May 9 Elgin, IL / May 10 Orlando, FL

May 12, 2019 Bowling Green, FL / May 14 Albertville, AL

May 15, 2019 Gatlinburg, TN / May 16 Yakima, WA

Jun 5 Palm Springs, CA / Jun 7-13 Dominican Rep

Jun 16 Jacksonville, FL / Jun 21-27 Dominican Rep

Jul 2-30 Dominican Rep / Sep 9 San Antonio, TX

Aug 4, 2019 Orlando, FL / Aug 18 Clearwater, FL

Aug 24-25 Mountain Home, AR / Aug 29 Indianapolis, IN

Sep 8, 2019 Bartow, FL / Sep 9 San Antonio, TX

Sep 10, 2019 Marble Falls, TX / Sep 12-13 Longmont, CO

Sep 14 Brandon, FL / Sep 16 Albuquerque, NM

Sept 17, 2019 Elkton, MD / Sep 19 Northfield, MN

Sep 20 Lapeer, MI / Sep 22 Eagle Lake, FL

Sep 23, 2019 Columbus, GA / Sep 24 W. DesMoines, IA

Sep 26, 2019 Laporte, TX / Sep 28 Charleston, IL

Sep 29 Centerville, OH / Oct 2-3 New Hartford, NY

Oct 6, 2019 Austin, TX / Oct 8 Erlanger, TX

Oct 9 Calloway Gardens, GA / Oct 10 Greenville, SC

Oct 12-13 Farmington, NM / Oct 14 Stockbridge, GA

Oct 17, 2019 Jefferson City, MO / Oct 18 Ft Worth, TX

Oct 20, 2019 Lakeland, FL / Oct 21 W. Hazelton, PA

Oct 24 Fernadina Beach, FL / Oct 25 San Bernardino, CA

Nov 1, 2019 Providence, RI / Nov 2-3 Roanoke, VA

Nov 7, 2019 Inverness, FL / Nov 8 Deltona, FL

Nov 10am Rock Ridge, FL / Nov 10pm Lakeland, FL

Nov 15 Steamboat Springs, CO / Nov 17 Inverness, FL

Nov 22 Sun City Center, FL / Dec 6, 2019 Tampa, FL

Dec 8, 2019 Columbia, SC / Dec 14, 2019 Cisco, TX

Watch another of Mike's Presentations

This is presentation #2, but it is Mike's 3rd time at this PRC. They asked for Mike to go back and refresh their memory from ten years before.  

Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers 615-370-4700 xt 235.

Watch Mike's Presentation #3 (53 min)

Mike keeps record of what he does at each presentations so as not to repeat any material for the audience. This presentations contains the well known BIRTHDAY PRESENTATION. 

Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers 615-370-4700 xt 235.


Mike does banquet, board training, and public school abstinence presentation in two day events. Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers 615-370-4700 xt 235.

Director talks about fourth time mike does banquet fundraiser. Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers 615-370-4700 xt 235.

Can you be funny at a PRC event. One Director speaks the truth about uplifting events. Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers 615-370-4700 xt 235.

Another Director changes to a humorous presentation to increase their income. Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers 615-370-4700 xt 235.

PRC Director shares why humor works at a serious banquet. Mike Williams is the most humorous serious speaker you will ever hear. Mike is scheduled through Gloria Leyda at Ambassador Speakers 615-370-4700 xt 235.

Successful Fundraiser Checklist / Workshop

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Pre-Written Director Speeches & 21 Steps Fundraising Banquet Success Checklist 

by calling Mike today at 863-670-1668.


100 people (ages 30 - 60) X $430.00 = $43,000.00. DO THE MATH... If you are not receiving $430.00 X Guests (between the ages of 30 and 60) you are not reaching your potential. The stats don't lie. You must stop believing that you are the only center in America that cannot reach potential. We have helped many whose manta had been,  "Our Supporters Never Give Well" to find out they could be success stories if they prepared and delivered properly.